The 11-point  TotalKare world class mobile column lift servicing checklist

TotalKare’s reputation as the UK’s premier supplier of mobile column lifts is built on quality, both in our products and the customer experience we provide.

For 35 years our mobile column lifts have been changing the face of workshops throughout the UK, and as a company we have moved with the times, making improvements to the quality of our lifts as advancements in technology have enabled us to do so.

Leader in its field

The quality of our products underpins everything we do. Indeed, it’s one of the cornerstones of our business. But it’s the quality of customer service, and the servicing of our lifts, that truly defines TotalKare as a leader in its field.
Expert advice is available on the telephone 24/7, while our team of dedicated field service engineers provide comprehensive national breakdown and servicing coverage, reducing downtime for our customers.

Regular servicing prolongs asset life

Regular servicing helps prolong the life of mobile column lifts.  TotalKare’s servicing is thorough, with no fewer than 11 key checks undertaken on our mobile column lifts to ensure safe operation and that the integrity of load bearing components remains intact:

  1. Check hydraulic lines for leaks and corrosion
  2. Check hydraulic cylinder and seals
  3. Check lifting carriage/fabrication for damage
  4. Check hydraulic oil level
  5. Clean/lubricate piston as required
  6. Check safety devices for correct operation
  7. Check steering wheel and straddle leg wheels
  8. Check/lubricate hydraulic lifting jack
  9. Check all electric cables
  10. Check wiring for loose or broken connections
  11. Check upper and lower limit switches
For older models of lifts, TotalKare offers the same high-quality level of servicing, but the checks are different:
  1. Checking carriage and safety nut limit switches gap and position
  2. Check lifting carriage for damage or wear
  3. Check convoluted screw protection bellows/band for damage
  4. Lubricate screws as required
  5. Lubricate lifting nut and bottom screw bearing
  6. Check steering wheel and straddle leg wheels
  7. Check lubricate hydraulic lifting jacks as required
  8. Check all electric cables
  9. Check wiring for loose or broken connections
  10. Check upper and lower limit switches
  11. Test all controls for correct action

Purchasing mobile column lifts represents a significant investment for any business. TotalKare’s quality service plans can extend the life of a mobile column lift for a decade and more, providing real return on investment.

To learn more about the different service plans we offer, call us today on 0121 585 2727.

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