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13 March 2018

6 things about two post lifts your boss wants to know

Depending on what vehicles are being lifted in a garage or workshop, there exists a variety of...

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01 March 2018

Why we love ancillary products (and you should too!)

Ancillary products are vital elements of a well-equipped workshop.  In the same way that vehicle...

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22 February 2018

Buying pre-owned column lifts? A guide to what to look for

Whether a workshop is looking to install mobile column lifts or fixed-post lifts, an alternative...

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20 February 2018

Blocks of wood, a ramp, or a forklifter system - which is best?

There are three main methods that can be used to carry out maintenance and repairs on forklifts,...

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14 February 2018

Does a tri-axle vehicle need a set of 4 or 6 mobile column lifts?

Why is there a need to use sets of 6 mobile column lifts when a set of 4 can lift a tri-axle...

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05 February 2018

The importance of regular ancillary product checks

As a specialist in heavy-duty vehicle lifts, TotalKare has always been an advocate of safety...

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01 February 2018

Vehicle wash bays and the case for galvanised lifts

Mobile column heavy-duty vehicle lifts offer many advantages that anyone at TotalKare will be...

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26 January 2018

The BIG debate: vehicle pits vs mobile vehicle lifts

For many years, in vehicle workshops across the land, a battle has been fought between advocates...

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18 January 2018

Why service your lifts twice a year?

All of our plans include regular six-month visits by a fully qualified lift engineer, to meet...

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